Spectra Logic
Spectra Logic

Why Tape?
Have you thought about  tape lately? Why do users continue to backup and archive to tape libraries? It is:

  • Fast – and faster than disk, as a matter of fact. Tape can help you achieve faster backup windows with up to 280 MB/s compressed transfer rate per drive.
  • Far more reliable than it was a decade ago. Tape's durability has vastly improved and now leverages built-in intelligence systems.
  • The most affordable storage medium available. From its low acquisition cost to growth capability and high energy-efficiency, tape gives you the most bang for your buck.
Spectra Logic understands tape's inherent value in the data center and work to make tape better for you. They innovate tape automation by addressing the ongoing issues that face the backup and archive environment and have developed a set of enhanced processes with innovative management tools that lead you through a better backup and archive experience. Only with Spectra can you realize tape's full potential.

Spectra T-Series
Spectra Products
Spectra T-Series LTO tape libraries offer a highly flexible hardware architecture and an evolutionary management interface, helping you achieve the highest levels of efficiency and reliability for tape backup and archive. Built upon a history of leading-edge library design and the comprehensive BlueScale software interface, the T-Series offers many advantages and features in a value-packed solution.

Spectra's T-Series architecture is designed with your growth in mind and helps you meet your future capacity, management and data protection needs. From the highest storage density available to secure storage with encryption key management; and media, drive, and library health monitoring for high reliability, you will be confident with your long-term tape storage investment. T-Series' capacity and throughput spans from as little as 10 slots and 1 drive all the way up to 400, 800 slots and 960 drives.

Active Archive
The latest in open systems application developments and tape storage are rapidly changing how you can store and manage all of your data. Now you can have the ability to extend a single file system over a myriad of different storage structures to appear as a single, logical storage volume, allowing data to reside at the most appropriate storage level. Active Archive is a combined solution of open systems applications, disk and tape hardware that allows you to effortlessly store, manage and access all of your data. Spectra® T-Series libraries meet all of the necessary requirements for Active Archive Tape by providing a unique set of library features that keeps your data online and protected.