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Clarisse 3.5 at SIGGRAPH 2017

The Nextgen 2D/3D Rendering Tool
A new breed of high-end 2D/3D animation software, Clarisse iFX is the fusion of animation package, compositing software and 3D rendering engine. It has been designed to streamline the workflow of CG artists, letting them work and constantly interact on their final image with full effects on.

A Workflow from a Better Perspective
Clarisse provides tons of high-end features all designed to be consistent and intuitive. Its workflow scales nicely with massive complexity while keeping things easy to manage. By simplifying the way CG artists work, Clarisse revolutionizes the daily work of Digimatte and Environment artists, Look development and lighting artists working in VFX and Animation studios.

Animation, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing Tools in One Single Package

What's new in 3.5?
This new major release brings its share of cutting-edge features and countless workflow enhancements to make out the most of your creative experience! Check out the video and see the massive feature update coming your way! It’s simple: Clarisse 3.5 is just supernatural!

Clarisse 3.5 is immediately available for purchase. Existing customers with an active maintenance are eligible for free 3.5 upgrade. Contact us for more info.

Digital Matte Painting / Environments Workflow
Clarisse iFX Environemnt

Clarisse offers artists the ability to interactively work on images reaching an unbelievable level of detail. Artists can constantly work on the real deal while interactively seeing what they do. With Clarisse, artists use assets made in external packages that are then assembled, combined, scattered, textured, lit and rendered. Clarisse supports most industry standard file formats and runs on all 3 platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Animations and geometries can be imported in Alembic, LWS/LWO/MDD or Wavefront OBJ files and Clarisse reads every image file format commonly used. If needed, Clarisse can also output assembled geometries to add details in external modeling packages.

VFX and Animation Workflow
Clarisse offers a streamlined workflow along with unique solutions answering the needs of studios producing 3D VFX and animated films or series. It has been designed in co-operation with industry players to dramatically increase productivity, reduce the learning curve and keep pipeline integration effort very low. The idea behind a Clarisse pipeline is to keep modeling, rigging and animating geometries in external packages. Data and animation is however exported in the Alembic cache using either the built-in Alembic exporter or third party plugins.

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Look Development Workflow
Clarisse offers many innovative solutions designed in collaboration with look development artists. These solutions deliver an elegant and streamlined workflow that greatly simplifies look development. Materials are organized in a network of texture nodes where each one outputs a vector that can be seen as a color. That way, there is no type conversion and it is very similar to a node graph made in a node-based compositing application.

Rendering Engine Overview
Clarisse is powered by an integrated fully multi-threaded CPU based rendering engine. It is fast, reliable, memory efficient, ready for heavy workload in production and fully featured. Clarisse also comes as command-line versions dedicated to render farms: CNode and CRender.
Based on a unidirectional path tracer, the Clarisse rendering engine solves illumination and shading using monte carlo sampling. There's no need for pre-process, pre-pass, shadow map, reflection map or a baked point cloud. There's no limitation to conjointly using motion blur and depth of field. Image quality can be controlled with a single parameter to increase or decrease global sampling for a faster feedback. It's predictable and the only artefact you can get is high frequency noise resulting from under sampling. To remove it, just increase the number of samples or apply a denoiser filter in post to save render times. It's that simple.

Clarisse iFX render

Pipeline Integration Overview
Clarisse is designed to work seamlessly in production environments. Its usage can vary from an artist friendly lighting/rendering standalone application to a framework used by TDs and engineers, as the backbone of a robust production pipeline.

Extensive Python Support
Clarisse and CNode are fully scriptable using Python. Attributes can be directly read and modified by scripting. Commands can be called and most of the Clarisse C++ API is exposed to Python. Clarisse also comes with a comprehensive built-in Script Editor and can be complemented with custom scripts that can be arranged in the application shelf toolbar. Unlike many other 3D Applications, Clarisse doesn't bundle its own Python version. Instead it relies on the one installed on the system. It can then use any Python extension available such as PyQt.