Dynamic Drive Pool

Unique Ethernet SAN Technology - HD, SSD, Hybrid
DDPs are modular Ethernet SAN Shared Storage Servers which can be equipped with groups of SSDs and HDs. They come with SSD-Caching, Load Balancing and Mirroring. Storage can be added on the fly with automated data redistribution within one name space.

DDPs Here, There and Elsewhere can be added on the fly on the back-end without changes on the front-end. This results in linear scaling in bandwidth and capacity limited only by the number of DDPs.

Dynamic Drive Pool
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DDP Best of Show Award 2016

NEW - microDDP
Ethernet SAN for Outside Broadcast

The MicroDDP10GbE is the smallest ethernet SAN system around with its weight of 11Lbs, 1U and 10" depth. It is hand carriable and very silent. It comes with up to 8 SSDs configured as raid 5 with 8 or 16 TB total capacity. The microDDP series are perfect for OB Vans, SNG cards, ENG teams, or other mobile or outside locations where space and noise is an issue. Read More

microDDP 10GbE

About DDP
Ardis Technologies manufactures the DynamicDrivePool (DDP) series of Ethernet based SAN systems with built-in Metadata Controller, the Ardis Virtual File System, AVFS. The DDP provides full Project and File Level Based Sharing for Avid, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, EVS, Adobe, Grass Valley, Telestream, Blackmagic Design, DVS, Digital Vision, Autodesk and all other applications with any video, audio and film format from DV to 4K/DPX/Cineon. The DDP can also be integrated with MAM and Backup systems.

DDP is an Ethernet SAN
Its iSCSI technology generates wire speed access over Ethernet. Its metadata controller AVFS guarantees simultaneous read and write access for all participants. This combines the best of both worlds: wire speed data access via standard Ethernet infrastructure.

Foldervolumes are folders with volume properties. It is easiest to have one DDP volume with a folder structure resembling the workflow. This DDP volume must be online all the time. By making folders into folders with volume properties the administrator can choose which folders should be online for which user.

VIDEO: DDP Folder Volumes

Projects Always Match Capacity
Foldervolumes are folders on a DDP volume. When files are added to or deleted from a foldervolume it is the capacity of the DDP volume that changes. So there is no unused capacity. It is as if shrinking or expanding is done automatically. Each foldervolume can have quota assigned to limit capacity usage. The quota can be changed on the fly.

VIDEO: Quota Control Features for Folder Volumes

SMB Access
DDP volumes and foldervolumes can also be accessed via SMB as NAS.

Foldervolume Access Control
Groups/users access controls: none, r/w, ro, wo and r/w no delete via the integrated Workflow Manager.

Backup, Archive, Synchronize
Ardis Technologies has a close cooperation with Archiware. As a result Archiware’s P5 Backup, Archive and Synchronize applications come integrated with each DDP.

Other Features
Other features are real bandwidth limiting, real bandwidth doubling/tripling, IO Monitor, Nagios integration, high quality maintenance tools, Web based graphical user interface, Avid storage emulation, LDAP, AD and OD client integration.

Modular and Scalable
One of the base systems can be combined with HD or SSD packs and 1,10 and or 40 GbE Ethernet ports, SAS card for LTO and EX card(s) for DDP16EX(R) and DDP60EXR.

Ardis Technologies won in the storage category of the IABM Design and Innovation Awards 2014.

DDP 5 Series of Products