Autodesk Flame

Flame - Upgrade to macOS High Sierra

Applications starting from Flame Family 2017 SP1 (Smoke DS 2017 SP3) will run on macOS High Sierra. Before upgrading, remember to archive your projects and backup your computer. You should also run the Flame Family macOS High Sierra Preparation Tool before upgrading to macOS High Sierra. Read More…

Autodesk Flame 2018 / DDP update 2 compatibility

TECHNICAL BULLETIN - When using a DDP volume as a Framestore (/mnt/StorageMedia) for Autodesk Flame, the DL_DISABLE_DIRECT_IO flag is required. This flag is functional in Flame 2018.1 but has been broken in Flame 2018.2. Read More…

Important News about Autodesk's Creative Finishing products

Autodesk has announced several changes to its Flame® Family of products designed to give you even greater choice in how you license our products as well as greater freedom in how you can purchase. Read More…

Flame 2017 Release

The 2017 releases for the Flame Family of products are now available for download by current Autodesk® Subscribers & Maintenance Plan customers who have purchased a license of Autodesk Flame® Premium, Autodesk Flame, Autodesk Lustre®, Autodesk Flare™, or Autodesk Flame Assist software. Read More…

Sapphire for Flame Promo Pricing

genarts_promo_final Read More…

Flame Unleashed - More Accessible Than Ever Before

There have been some major changes to Autodesk's Creative Finishing Products. Desktop Subscription plans are now available for Autodesk Flame 2016 and Autodesk Lustre 2016. You can also get Flare and Flame Assist as standalone products and soon there will be support for the Mac OS X. Read More…

North Creative to Get First Autodesk Flame for Mac

NEWS: North Creative is the first post-production facility in the nation to receive an Autodesk Flame system that will run on a Mac platform. Read More…